• Hello,

    My name is Nicolas and I'm 20 years old. I live in Belgium and at the moment, I'm studying bio-engineering at the university.

    I would like to play on your Interactions server, that I merely found in the list of public servers on FTB.
    I have been playing modded minecraft servers for years. Ultimate, infinity evolved, Beta Pack, SevTech, resonant rise, I couldn't say all the modpacks I have played or finished, and I have never been banned from any server.

    I'm looking forward for an answer from you guys.
    Thank you, Nicolas.

  • Hello Nicolas. I have had a chance to read through your application and it looks pretty solid. I have gone ahead and whitelisted you on Stonebound servers. What made you want to get into bio-engineering?

  • I like the nature, but I also like maths and physics, thus bio-engineering was the perfect compromise between biology and civil engineering or physics.
    Thank you for your quick answer.

  • I have always thought things like bio-engineering were pretty cool. The idea of editing things on such a small level is crazy, and also pretty cool because it can be used to help people and other living things. I am more of a network engineer myself. Can't pass up the possibility of working from home. :sweat_smile:

    Welcome to the server and I hope you have fun hanging out in our community of Minecraft servers.