• Hello!
    I’m just a cheerful Swedish male by the name of Samuel, ooking for some fun!
    My age is that of 18, but I can promise you that I’m a tad bit more mature than what my age entails.

    I have no history of bans or any kind of foul behavior that has required any punishment.

    I believe that games are made as a form of relaxation from the otherwise so stressful world. There is no need to sour anyone’s experience for some short term gains.

    I have been playing almost since Minecraft first came out, approximate of 8 years.

    My absolute favorite thing in the world is space, I love everything that has anything to do with it. So it is also natural that my favorite mod packs are based around mods such as galactic craft, space age mod etc. But it does not mean that I cannot enjoy some other more down to earth mods, which also is the reason for why I want to join the life in the village server.

  • Helper

    Hello Sam I have just checked your application and added you to our whitelist. Hope to see you online. :grinning: