• 28
    Bloo8Loo told me about the server.
    No bans, no need to lie about my age, nor any incidents of it happening.
    I really enjoy setting up automated systems in Minecraft modpacks and anything I can do to automate something and learn about it's setup is a win for me. Got into Minecraft a looong time ago when it was still pretty new. Favourite mod so far has been All The Mods 3. So much stuff to do. I love gaming and watching random stuff on YouTube. I'm a pretty nice guy and a respectful gamer. Bloo knows how I am. :)

  • Staff

    Hey, Lute!
    Nice seeing you again. Do you have any videos to recommend to me on youtube that will hopefully change the algorithm? Anyways I shall whitelist you on the server. Have fun playing with Bloo!