• Hi im aged 21 turning 22 this year im from Australia. I have heard about your server when I was watching youtube and I do really like village kind of servers but I do like this modpack im glad there is a mature server for it. I have been banned once before in minecraft in 2015 which has been the only time ive been banned was because I TK in a very old server, tho it was only once I was still banned for 2 months.
    I do enjoy playing casually on minecraft cos I play a lot of Siege and am just looking for a casual minecraft server to help me calm down after a play that and since I just got this modpack i can tell it will be nice.
    I really would like to play on your Life In The Village server since it looks really fun to just roam around and play.
    Im not really looking to make staff or other players mad, im just here to chill and meet new players and build some cool villages etc. Im a skinner on planetminecraft and make sometimes custom skins for people. I used to play alot of FairyScape which was a magic RPG server.

    I hope that you except this thanks I dont really know what else to put in this ~ jimbalina

  • Helper

    Hello jimbalina, I have reviewed your application and added you to our whitelist! hope to see you online soon.