• Hello!

    My name is Dorina (and some friends call me Mashu). I'm 20 and I live in Hungary. I started playing the light version of Enigmatica 2 with Nhil a week ago. It was a bit lonely with just the 2 of us. Later he told me he found this place.

    I played vanilla minecraft when I was 12 with classmates. After that I didn't play for years. I started playing modded minecraft almost 2 years ago. I played on an english server for a month with a friendly community, but sadly the server closed because of inactivity.

    I'm a university student but maybe it will be too difficult for me. My english is not really good, but I hope I can improve it if I try communicating. I'm a lazy person and I don't really have a hobby. I love cats and I hope I'll have one of those fluffy happiness.

    I don't think I ever lied about my age. Soon I'll want to be younger, not older.

    The ssd I ordered have just arrived and I want to install it as soon as possible. So I'm going to finish this now.

    Thanks for reading this. I hope I'm not too silly for this place.

  • Staff

    Hey Dorcetise, I have taken a look at your application and went ahead and whitelisted you on our servers. Now you and Nhil can play together with us! Have fun!

  • Thank you very much! I'm sure we will have so much fun! :)