• Hey! My names Spibzz, I'm 18 years old and im from West Virginia, and I've been playing since spring of 2012

    i was pretty young back then, we all had our phases as players, so i'll admit I've been banned before. But that was years ago, i was childish and kinda stupid. Today, i enjoy playing the game for fun, building, making friends, and just enjoying what i've already been enjoying for so many years, in a more relaxed and fun way!

    I hope to be added to the whitelist so I can play on the life in the village server and meet all sorts of people. Over time I will probably join more servers but that's where I'd like to start!

    As for some more random information about me: I'm a business major at my state University, I'm also a respected jazz trombonist in my area (discord jams? probably not but who knows)

    Anyway, if any information is needed that i may have missed let me know, i hope to hear from someone soon!


  • Staff

    Hi there Spibzz, reviewed your application. Thanks for being honest about your ban. Didn't look like nothing too serious, so we are going to go ahead and give you a chance here! insert crowd cheering here. You are now whitelisted on our servers! Have fun!