• Hi,
    I'm 22 F from Pennsylvania, USA. I recently bought & played minecraft and am looking for a server/community to join. I have never been banned nor have I lied about my age. I love group builds and tight-knit communities. I try to be as friendly and helpful as possible.
    I recently graduated with my bachelors and just started my masters program for physician assistant! Hoping to have a focus in neurology/neuroscience!
    I have a heavy work load but minecraft has been helping me relax and relieve stress. I love nature, plants, and hikes, and I use those themes a lot when I build. I draw tattoos for fun (and i have a lot of my own) and I love to travel when I have time, especially to beaches. I also spend a lot of time studying astrology and related things.
    Hope to hear from and meet you soon!
    editing because I keep thinking of more things to add!

  • Staff

    Hi katwerl! Congrats on getting your bachelors degree! I myself do enjoy laying down some blocks in Minecraft to unwind. I have went ahead and whitelisted you on our servers. Hope you enjoy!