• Hello! I'm Kitsuoka and I'm 18 this year. I come from Singapore and I'm currently studying while playing some random stuff on the side. I've been playing modpacks exclusively for a while now, but recently I was inspired to play a lowtech pack after watching farm designs on Youtube. Searched for a nice one, found LITV, and figured I might as well play with some other people to make things less lonely, then I found Stonebound.

    Not gonna lie, it's been a while since I played Minecraft, haven't touched it much since the old Technic, IndustrialCraft 2 stuff in 1.4.x, and all the new rocket science mods kinda overwhelmed me. Can't wait to try out some of the less intimidating ones.

    I spend most of my time studying or translating Japanese stuff, so there's that, but games like Minecraft and Maplestory always bring joy to me and I play them when I'm free.

    As for history of bans or lying about age, nope, nothing of the sort at all.

    Hopefully this will be fun :))

  • Staff

    Hio Kitsuoka, and thanks for your interest!
    Coming back from 1.4 is quite a leap, you'll be seeing a lot of new things even in light packs! =)
    You've been added to the whitelist, my apologies that it took so long.
    Enjoy playing life in the village with the crew!