• Hello, my name is Tuyen but my English name is Evan and I am 18 years old. I am in senior year of high school. I was born in Vietnam but am now currently living in Washington state. I found you guys on twitch when I was searching for another Minecraft server to play on after I finished playing on Stoneblock 2. I have 1 history of being banned for "abusing" a glitch that I found on a Skyblock server but I really only used the glitch like three times or so. Some things about me are that I like to play lots of sports, especially tennis and baseball. I want to try out this mod and hope that you accept my application to join your server! Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day!

  • Staff

    Hi Tuyen, thanks for your application.
    I'm so sorry for the long wait, you've been added to the whitelist.
    Please note that we trust and rely on our players to play by the rules not abusing any glitches, but I'm sure you can understand that now. =)
    Have fun on the server!~