• Hello.

    My name is Rasmus im 23 years old and im working as an electrician in the days and becomeing a secret minecraft player by the evening and night

    Why i wanna join your server is because a mate refered me to it when we where talking about what modpacks we where playing and this server sounded intresting since he only talked good about it. So i decided to give it a shot and see for myself.
    A huge plus for me is playing on a server since i like to talk with people while i play and in minecraft i like to team up and play with others while that is said i played minecraft since early alpha days and things changed since then but i also keept up with all the diffrent modpacks, actually i started with the early buildcraft and ic2 where items where dropping everywhere and stuff could not get compact that was good old days but now all got so nice and compact with AE2 and i like it more since i love cable management in my work and my games.

    Hopefully that explained alot about me and my minecraft experience (if not dont be shy to ask im an open person)

    P.S English is secound language since im from Denmark forgot to mention that


  • Everything seems to come up clean, we talked on Ts for a bit ; You guys seemed to be alright, Welcome to Stonebound .

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