• Hello!
    I'm 26, currently living in Japan but I'm originally from the US so I have native English.
    I was googling for a village server and your site came up.
    I've never been banned for anything.

    I'm an English teacher for elementary and junior high school students. I play games casually and enjoy building more than fighting. I've been playing MC for a long time and my favorite mod is probably Thaumcraft.
    I study Japanese and play the violin when I have time.
    I really enjoy my job and teaching others.
    I also do a lot of traveling to different parts of Japan, and I've been to a few other countries.

  • Staff

    Hi there, thanks for your interest!
    It's good to hear you're enjoying your job, it must be quite the adventure living in japan as a foreigner!
    Anyway, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, enjoy playing with our community.
    See you around!

  • Cool Payromaniac,

    When you get back from Osaka, we can now play even though we will be on opposite time zones. I'm still excited and looking forward to more Minecraft fun.

    We could send the invite to your 2 sisters, although i do expect they will be too busy to join us, but still the polite thing to do.

    Safe flight

  • @simibubi Thanks so much for adding me! Looking forward to playing.