• Hello,
    I am Demar. I have been playing minecraft since about 2012. I am 23 years old, I love mostly tech mods not to keen on most magic mods but if you need a tech item built I'll gladly help....For a fee ;). My buddy LethalMinimum told me about your server and very interested in joining. Looking forward to streaming the server if I am whitelisted and allowed to stream it. Started playing minecraft in middle school and everyone one in my class would play it in the computer lab. My favorite mod would have to be immersive engineering and mekinism. I work most days so looking for a good server to hop onto after I get out of work so that I can relax. Lastly almost forgot never been banned or muted or anything.

  • Staff

    Hey Demar, thanks for introducing yourself!
    You've been added to our whitelist, enjoy playing on Stonebound with your friend.
    You may of course also stream your gameplay on our servers. =)

  • @simibubi thank you very much my good sir see you in game