• Age: 16
    Current Country: United States
    How I Found Ya: Friends and me looking for a server, and one of my friends, Selklain, found this.
    History of Bans: No history of being banned.

    How I got into Minecraft: At the age 8, or lower, my brother was playing this game and I asked him if I could play. He set up a copy of his world, and let me play it out. I named it 'Amanda Land', after my name Amanda, and enjoyed the heck out of it. I stayed playing ever since.
    Favorite Mod: Waila.
    Favorite things to do: I like to farm in game, and in real life LOVE to draw and read.

  • Staff

    Hello bansheegirl12,

    Thank you for taking the time to write us an application. I apologize for the long wait with this application , but I have checked over your application and I am happy to welcome you into Stonebound! As of this message you have been whitelisted. Feel free to check out our discord if you need any help or want to hang out with the rest of us.
    Happy mining!