• Age: 25

    I found the server on https://ftbservers.com.
    I never been banned.
    I used to play FTB a lot but I stop for awhile. My favorite mod pack used to be Computer Craft and Build Craft. I used to make the big quarry tunnel diggers with Build Craft and used ComputerCraft to control my base and make ads for my shop.I think the first FTB server I played had nukes on it which was so fun. I ran a few servers before.I'm pretty competitive I love to be the best as far as money, shops and towny goes. Beside Minecraft I write codes for VR games, write/record music and a little filming soon when I get my camera. I'm applying for your server because I would love to be apart of your server and meet new players.

  • Staff

    Hi Jamar, thanks for your application.
    I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, hope you enjoy our little community.
    Welcome to Stonebound, have a nice day.