• hello this is my application:

    • 19 y/o
    • United States (east)
    • found you on a server browser and picked you because of the whitelist and low player count
    • i'm pretty sure i'm banned on mineplex, not sure why though. probably some dumb trolling i did in middle school.
    • i don't have any kind of "history" of lying about my age aside from the usual stuff like signing up for accounts before i was thirteen and buying M rated games on steam before i was an adult

    i'd like to play on this server because it seems like a nice calm place where i can play mostly solo and maybe chat a little bit. gonna be totally honest and say that i'm choosing to play multiplayer for mainly performance reasons, but i can be a bit of chatterbox if you get me going so maybe ill make some friends who knows. I first played minecraft a very long time ago, i think the first time was on a cracked server some kid set up for everyone in my elementary school to play on. aside from minecraft i'm a student at the university of pittsburgh where I'm hoping to get a degree in electrical engineering, and my favorite things to do are watching movies and snowboarding. thanks for reviewing my application and i'm looking forward to playing on here

  • i'd like to add, by the way, that i used a burner email to create an account on this website because my usual one contains my full legal name and I was uncomfortable registering with that.

  • Staff

    Hi electrocroc,
    thanks for introducing yourself, you are welcome to join our community!
    My deepest apologies for the long wait, this one is on me, hope you can forgive the inconvenience.
    Anyway, enjoy playing with us on the servers and have a great weekend. =)