• Hello to whomever is reading this.

    I am currently 17 years old and live in the United States. I found out about this server while I was searching for a dedicated modded Minecraft server to play on. I have not been banned from any servers, to my knowledge, and I have never lied about my age on an application. One of my favorite things to do, in Minecraft, is to automate and explore. I am very technologically minded and I enjoy challenging myself to try new mods. In real life, I enjoy learning new skills and playing games. I have learned to do things such as juggling, solving Rubik's cubes, professional style yoyoing, and building Rube Goldberg Machines. My favorite types of games to play are RPG's and exploration games. I got into Minecraft in middle school, when I saw a classmate playing it on their computer. At that point, I could not afford the game, but I enjoyed building roller coasters with one of my friends, who had the game. When I finally got the game, I played a lot of minigames and then eventually settled on playing some vanilla survival. Once I got a little tired of the vanilla game, I found out about mods and from then on, I have been playing modded and vanilla interchangeably, depending on my mood. I tend to play a lot more modded than vanilla, for the simple reason that there is a lot more to do in modded Minecraft and I enjoy being able to differentiate my daily routines. My favorite mod is the Aroma Dimensional World mod because it allows me collect resources without destroying the natural landscape.

    Thank you for reviewing my application and have a wonderful day.

    Signed: Browl_Thrak

  • Staff

    Hey Browl_Thrak, and thanks for introducing yourself.
    You've been added to the whitelist, welcome to the community!
    Make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming packs we will launch soon, our running worlds are quite old and left behind by most players.

  • Thank you very much