• I am 29, I live in the United States of America. I found your server googling for a stoneblock server. I am a software developer and enjoy the flexibility of minecraft and mods. My favorite mod is stoneblock second is probably skyfactory 3, I look forward to stoneblock 2 and skyfactory 4 that should both be coming out in the next few months. I am looking for a server that doesn't ban for using the mods meant to be used in the modpack, some servers restrict some of the best mods like refined storage and mob fans... I am also looking for a server that doesn't have a terrible lag. I am used to hosting and playing on my own servers on which I don't experience any lag. The servers I have tried so far are so laggy that sometimes you have to break the same block 3 or 4 times before it finally breaks the block. Anyway I hope this server is what I anticipate and await your approval.

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    Hi longlostbro, thanks for your application!
    Sorry to hear that you haven't had luck with good modded servers so far. Our Stoneblock server has been losing popularity since it has been running for a while, but there are some people left on it for sure. Hope you enjoy playing in our community, we have future servers lined up aswell. Let us know if you are experiencing lag and other issues, we try our best to keep the tickrate high and so do our players. You've been whitelisted, though try not to rant so much in your future applications. =)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @simibubi sorry for the Rant :-) If you are running low on staff and would like someone to help with servers/mods/moderation/custom mod I'd be happy to help. Thanks for the whitelist! (btw the deleted post above was me, I was accidentally on my wife's account)