• Age: 19
    Country: USA
    Discovered by a friend StreetCat who invited me to join or play with him on your server. I dont usually play modpacks but I thought it would be fun.
    I Don't recall any bans I will admit I don't sound 19 but my birthday is 07/09/1999.
    As a player I love building and exploring so this modpack that street has suggested and shown me will be interesting but challenging for my usual builds but I love a good challenge.
    I got into Minecraft in Beta 1.8 when a friend introduced the game to me at his house although at first I didn't get the point of the game. But over the next few years I began to love it and enjoy doing whatever from PvP to PvE, to building and blowing stuff up haha.
    In real life I love writing stories short or long doesn't matter to me I just love writing them. Very Enjoyable. A dabble in a bit of drawing here and there nothing too crazy. I mainly draw like pixel art of graph paper just for fun.
    Other than that, that's pretty much it. Hope you get this soon!



  • Staff

    Hello, Kyanite!
    I see that you love writing stories! I can't really write at all besides what is in my dream log. It is I guess a nice feeling to relieve. I also do pixel art, but I do it in MSPaint. I shall whitelist you on the server. Drop by discord if you ever need any help!! Have fun with StreetCat.