• IGN: iixfoxyxii
    Age: 26
    Location: AZ

    hi nice to meet you all i have been waiting for this mod pack to drop so i can sink my teeth into it and get lost into the blocky world i would love to join your guys server and make a name for myself in trading and helping out in anyway i can i have been playing minecraft since it first came out love it every day and cant get enough of it i love to build in the tech tree machines make my life go round my favorite mod is bees i love the challenge of breeding them to get the perfect bee i have playing alot of expert mode so i have some knowledge and can spread my help to many newcomers seeking help in setting up machines i mainly play nights into the morning so a big night owl

  • I reviewed you application. It left some to be desired, however, We spoke on TS and you seemed to fit in. You background check went fine; Welcome to Stonebound. 🙂

  • ty sir cant wait to see yea in game and again thanks for the accept

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