• IGN is Bushw00kie009 if you couldn't tell by the title and I am currently 34. I reside in the Great State of Texas, so the America. I found out about this server and group from TOFUDUCK, Squirrelsht, Old_Mr_Magic, and a guy by the name of Pekanpye. I have no history of being banned on any server but have been told to keep the machines to a minimum a few times. To which I replied with sure will do from now on. As a person I find myself to be a bit of a unicorn but mostly just a simple person who enjoys minecraft from time to time. As a player of the modded craft, I enjoy building things and I am not a fan of the magical arts. I will keep to the technical side of the pack. I think this account says I have been playing since 2012 so I am going to go with that for now, had previous ones but I forgot the info for them. As for mods, again I enjoy wires, electricity, and all things with a motor. I also enjoy a bit of multi-block structures and the Woot mod since it keeps or kept things from spiraling out of control with mobs. Real life, I like to drink, fish, take things a part and sometimes put them back together properly. Find myself upon an anime series every so often. I like spicy Cajun food and I think I am about to start running out of things to put on here that seem relevant.

  • Staff

    I see that you are also apart of the Destiny 2 group and I shall whitelist you so you can rush over to your mates! I eat spicy food religiously even though I have acid re-flux. I used to grow my own peppers and what not! Also not to offend or anything but to my taste buds, Cajun food (spicy) is on the low levels of spiciness.

  • No reason to say "not to offend", I too have a sensitive stomach which is why I eats the spicy cajun food. Anything hotter and I might die. Thanks for the help.