• Hello, I'm Rhidlor, and I've been playing MineCraft on and off since around May of 2012. While I do enjoy vanilla MineCraft I find myself drawn towards FTB because of its rich depth and abundance of content. My first encounter with modded MineCraft was with FTB Ultimate, I fell in love with that modpack and would proceed to play FTB Unleashed which I enjoyed even more. I occasionally browse around looking for suitable servers on ftbservers.com and that's how I ended up here.
    I can't recall ever being banned from a server although my account has been hacked before so I can't be certain.

    I'm 20 years old and live in Ontario Canada, I'm a programmer and all-around computer enthusiast. I have created a few MineCraft plugins in the past but nothing too serious. I'd like to join this server because it seems professional and mature; I also sense it will have some longevity which I value a lot.

    Thanks for your consideration :smile:

  • Staff

    Hello Rhidlor!
    Thank you for taking interest in this community, I have looked over your application and would like to say you've been whitelisted! Drop by our discord if you have any questions!

  • Thank you for accepting me, I look forward to playing with everyone!