• Age:18
    Country: USA
    I found this server from a PekanPye, a fellow staff/clan member from a Destiny 2 clan I am in, and I'm applying along with other clan members, OldMrMagic and Squirrelsht. I found Minecraft via my cousin that was playing it when I was at her house, at first I thought it looked stupid. But soon after trying it out, I got hooked, and after a while made my way into the modding the game. My favorite mod is Thermal Expansion, I love the automation and using machines added in the mod. However, I love tinkering with other mods and I'm looking to dive into many others in FTB Revelations. I don't tend to build much more than a simple base with just the basics, but if I get an itch to build, just be warned, it will probably be ugly once its finished. Thank you for looking over my application,
    Best Regards, TOFUDUCK

  • Staff

    It took a solid minute to figure out that your name says Tofu Duck and not... well... never mind. I will go ahead and whitelist you on our servers, have fun playing with your mates!

  • Thank you! and dont worry, you're not the first person to misread my name for... you know