• Age: 32
    Country: USA - East Coast
    How you found us: Through a chat with a fellow Destiny 2 clan member, Pekanpye.

    I'm very familiar with the FTB mods, and mostly the AE2 part of it. Automating things is a cathartic activity for me, and AE2 really scratches that itch. I'm not sure if you allow it, but the reactors were also really fun to play with. Not so much the draconic one due to the volatility of it, but the small ones were a ton of fun to get up and running. I'm not a player who will build grand castles or structures, but i'm most interested in the different mods and would like to see what they offer.

    Thanks a lot for your consideration and please let me know of any questions, comments or concerns.

    • Old_Mr_Magic

  • Staff

    I'm going to mention this now before I forget but I keep thinking Destiny 2 is Warframe cause I'm kind of out of it. As of reactors do you mean Extreme reactors? If so, of course we allow it. Anyways, I shall whitelist you on our servers! Drop by our discord if you need any help with stuff.

  • Iophobic,

    Thanks a ton!