• Greetings,

    My Minecraft name is Mashasmasha. I'm 30+, never lied about my age, and have never been banned from anything. I bought Minecraft back in alpha when it was 10 bucks and played for quite a while. I never got into mods or playing on multiplayer servers, but this stoneblock mod pack caught my eye on youtube, and I started looking into server communities. This one was a standout in that it seemed to want to keep drama and griefing to a minimum of which I am a fan. Looking forward to seeing what I can do to better the community.


  • Staff

    Hey Mashasmasha!

    Thanks for your interest in the server, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist :)

    Wish I could have grabbed minecraft when it was only $10 :expressionless:

    See you soon!