• Caspinae
    I banned myself once when I was testing an admin command, otherwise no bans.
    I rampantly lie about my age, but always to be younger. No one wants this much grey hair or for all your joints to make noise when you're getting out of bed.

    I used to play on a solid network that was tight knit and low drama. It unfortunately died. I went back to other games/things for a while but the stoneblock pack piqued my interest. On the discord for the old network, the owner left a message directing people to this network as being a similar space. So here I am, lets give this a shot.

    I am private to a fault as a person, but will happily talk about nonsense with people until the earlier hours of the morning. I have previously been staff on a few networks since 1.2.5, but no longer have the spare personal time for that sort of commitment. I do still like helping people however, and if I have a moment always like teaching a new player tricks for the pack/mod/shaving/life. I also get a kick out of isolating and reporting bugs or absurd mod interactions, the thrill of the hunt is fun.

    I will happily answer most questions if there is interest.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Staff

    Hello Caspinae,

    After looking through your application, I am happy to inform you that you have been added to the whitelist! Feel free to stop by our discord if you want to hang out with us or need some help in game! Happy hunting! :D