• Hi, my name is Spleenter, my nimecraft name is "spleenters". I'm 27 and have been playing minecraft since Beta 1.3? i dont remember the exact version number but it was before the Nether was in the game. I have been a part of several different minecraft servers throughout that time period, intox gaming and Xtreme idiots are the biggest. I wanted to join your server so i could play with some of my friends who are already on and playing, (bluedemon, katattackk, bazookajoe, salamander, and rgb/neonbot)

    My favorite modpack that ive done so far is probably hardcore enderexpansion, it adds character and adventuring potential to the end which i have always thought is a really underused dimension. I love adventuring and seeing everything that the world has to see.

    I play other games too, recently a lot of Monster Hunter World, TF2, Fortnite.

  • Staff

    Hi Spleenters, and welcome to Stonebound.
    I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, enjoy playing with your friends!~