• Hello, I have been playing Minecraft for quite a while now. Once I discovered modded MC I've became addicted. I've been part of many servers over the years and always looking for new fun adult ones to play on whenever the other ones fold or go under. I live in the USA and found this server a player who goes by "Mohron" from the Gaming on the Rocks network. I may have not applied my right age in the past because i didn't think it mattered as long as i was older than the minimum requirement for the server. That was my bad. I learned. I only did this because i felt a little awkward for being 44 years old and still playing but I've learned after a while that there's all types of ages of gamers and I'm not ashamed of it, Lol. Anyway, that's my story and I hope to join soon. Thanks.

  • Staff

    Hello GBuffs, thanks for your interest.
    You will find people of all ages here, it's just that the younger ones are usually more active in chat. You've been added to the whitelist, enjoy playing in our community!~