• Hello! Welcome to my application I guess, the information that you require is that I am 18, live in the USA, and that I found you because I was referred here by a friend from another server. There also needs to be a minimum of 5 sentences so I'm going to informed you that I haven't played minecraft in like 6 months or something. My favorite mod is probably like, botania or something, although I like a lot of mods, mostly magic ones. Tech mods are cool too but for different reasons, magic gives you fun toys and good gear while tech mods let you automate stuff. I think this is the last sentence I need so now I'm going to say that I've been playing minecraft on and off since like 2010 or so, quite a while. Well, I hope this server is fun, bye! :D

  • Staff

    Hi Piggy! welcome back to modded MC! I have reviewed and accepted your application! Fast right? You have been whitelisted on our servers! -insert crowd cheering here- If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Happy Mining!