• Hi There,

    I am a 35 y/o male who enjoys playing minecraft in my down-time, when I'm not playing D&D that is. I am looking for a server for FTB Revelations that is laid back and has a welcoming community. I enjoy playing with a group of people and maybe make a few friends.

    I currently hail from South Carolina in the United States.

    I got into minecraft as a fun hobby and quickly found a FTB server that I enjoyed playing in. My laid-back demeanor and respect for the rules of the community earned me a mod position on the server and I was eventually made an OP, responsible for maintaining community standards.

    Outside of minecraft I am a self-taught php developer currently working as a project manager at a medium sized software development company here in South Carolina. I enjoy both running and playing Dungeons and Dragons, building terrain set pieces for the same, and working on personal projects at my local makerspace.

    In game, I enjoy learning new mods, figuring out complex automation sequences, learning redstone, and building; in no particular order. If asked what my favorite mod is, I would have to say EnderIO, but thats only because it lets me make compact supply lines and doesn't clutter up my space with a bunch of pipes and blocks. Thats not to say that I don't like that aesthetic, but it has its place, and in the middle of my base is not it.

    Before I ramble on any more, I am going to cut this application short.

    If you're looking for a player who respects the rules, helps other players out when he can, and is a generally laid-back guy, then I'm your man!

    Hope to see you in the server soon.
    Michael Martin

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    I also live in the dreadful SC. I only say dreadful cause I dislike the state for personal reasons. Our current player base IS on stoneblock right now but we do have the regulars on Rev. I shall accept your application and whitelist you. Have fun with the quiet revelation server!

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    This post is deleted!