• Yo, my name is Sal and I'm 26. My Minecraft name is Salamander and I live in the US. I have a Bachelor's in Animal Science and work for a major university.

    I have been playing Minecraft since slightly before infdev. Back in the day I used to be apart of a few communities, but I have no ban history (that I am aware of, at least). Nowadays I mostly play in single player or with a small group of friends on discord. Minecraft is mostly a great way for me to relax and unwind - my play style consists mostly of making my houses look pretty and hoarding animal mobs (horses in particular). My favorite mod is probably Thaumcraft, tho Mo'Creatures and Animania are big contentors for that title as well.

    Embarrassing story time - I actually met my now-husband through Minecraft. We live together in an apartment with our dog and two cats. When we eventually buy a house, I want to fill it up with more animals - including at least one snake, horse, donkey, chickens and a cow. No rabbits though; I don't like rabbits. ;p

    I found you guys through one of my discord friends - katattack. She is currently on the server along with two other people from our little group - bazookajoe and bluedemon.

    Just for honesty's sake, I do share an IP with my husband. He did try to make an application a few weeks ago I think, but it got rejected for being too short. I may bother him into making another longer post, if that is allowed.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Staff

    Hello Salamander,

    I've checked through your application and I am happy to tell you that as of this message, you have been added to the whitelist! Be sure to join our discord if you have any questions about us, need any help or want to hangout with the rest of us. Have fun with your friends in game!


  • Thanks, appreciate it!