• Hello all! I am Dave (jivebiscuit), 32 years old, and have been looking for a new server and community since my old server went defunct after IRL issues for admins. I have been playing modded Minecraft for at least two years. I really enjoy the work FTB is producing and want to try my hand at Infinity Evolved and Skyblock - even though Expert mode on both makes me nervous! I consider myself a tinkerer, fan of automation, and am working on a better eye for design. I really enjoy planning and arranging bases for clean look and routing cables and pipes for a seamless environment. Mods at the top of my list are Thermal Expansion, EnderIO, and Botania. I enjoy working with others in the community and appreciate the help we can offer one another. I hope to see you online!

    Edit: Eastern US, generally online in evenings 8pm-12am

  • Staff


    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server!
    You sound like you'd be a great fit here, and so we've gone ahead and whitelisted you.
    I hope you enjoy playing on expert mode Skyblock. I was also nervous but I am doing alright, and I'm sure you'll be fine!

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