• Minecraft Username: DevBug
    Age: 18
    Location: California
    Bans List: I literally have no Idea. I hope I'm not banned from anywhere (( I shouldn't be )) LOL
    How did you hear about us: Iophobic <3
    How you got into minecraft: I got into minecraft a while ago on my phone, and then I was wondering if I could run it on my computer ( Which I couldn't, my computer was a pile of poo LOL ) I basically then got into building a better computer, the rest is history and I am so glad I did. I played on many servers though the owners usually don't want to fund the servers to do low people count.
    Hobbies and interest: I play other videogames as well, as I am an avid PC gamer. I also paint in the medium watercolor as well as other art form such as alchohol based markers and pencil sketching!

  • Retired

    Hello, Dev!

    I understand playing Minecraft on a crap computer. I had a "Craptop" at the time that would only allow me to get 20 and below fps on any Mod pack and vanilla Minecraft. I would love to your sketches and other artwork, I do some pixel art myself! Anyhow I shall accept your application and whitelist you right away. Hop into our discord if you ever need any help.

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