• Hi, I'm Sebaxess. I'm an 18 year old man from Sweden, I found this server by recommendation from Iophobic.
    I have a whole ton of free time, so I believe that this could be a really good time spender. My favorite mod is basically just any mechanical type mod as Applied Energistics 2 or Computer Craft. I have been playing minecraft since 2010! So I know my way around of things. I am currently studying Electric Engineering and I almost have a break for a week, so I believe that this could really help my boredom when that time comes!

  • Retired

    Hello, Sebax!

    Thanks for applying to our server. I have decided to accept your application from hearing what you've said in the voice channel and what you have written here in this application. AE2 is a pretty fun mod and I do enjoy it as well. CC and OC is pretty fine as well.

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