• So as you can tell i am AWildFairy
    I am 23 and i am Swedish, born and raised. In a small village in the south most region of Sweden actually.
    I found your servers quite easily. I am a friend of Tolly, Cynight, IsekaiTheOwl, Kathrin and Iophobic (And i also saw some other familiar faces like _arya_4 ) and simply asked what they were up to. I hadn't talked to them since about the time i was Staff with them on another community, which now feels almost like years ago. But, technically was less than a year ago. Ahh, good times.. Anyways, moving on!

    Bans? Yes, i have been banned previously.
    The ban that happened was a 24h temp ban due to miscommunication of resource sharing thought as theft. It was back in i think 2014(?) Possibly 2013 tbh. in a place called Loopitech, where me,ZeroTheOwl, Archimedes212, MaxCloud, Kathrin N69S, WetWire and a bunch others we made a village. We were gonna share machinery, bees, everything. But we built our own little houses. And at one point i was gonna build something, i forget what, but i went int o check the storage and we lacked some iron, so i went to see if anyone else in the village had some iron in their houses (since we were sharing resources). MaxClouds house to be precise. However he had recently became mod at Loopitech so he was vanished in his house when i did it. And what he thought was that i was trying to steal his things, and temp banned me for 24h. It was later discussed and other staff at the time agreed it was miscommunication and way to hard punishment. I still hold no grudge to him over it, shit happens and we were clearly on different pages about the shared village. We were still friends. Later on i became Admin in a community were MaxCloud was the 'owner' but we'll get to that later.

    I have lied about my age before, but that was when i was younger. We're talking like ,when i was 15 and 16 i said i was 18 to get into adult sites.

    Its now later!
    I have been Staff on several communities over my years. I started playing Minecraft in 2012, and i think it was 2013 or 2014 the events of Loopitech took place, in which later Several people from Loopitech broke out and made FTC (Feed-The-Community) There i got mod, later Admin. After a while the rest of the staff team could no longer function under the ownership of that person and thus again made a new community with most of the staff called CBG (Community-built-Gaming) Which i was Admin in right away. This community lasted until previously this year (2018) in which it sadly closed its doors for server hosting. Since then i have become staff on a rivaling StoneBlock community, Nfinit, which is the creators of the Stoneblock pack, which i know you are hosting and which i'd like to play on since Tolly, Io, Kathrin and Cy and everyone else are old friends of mine and i'd love to play on the same server as the again.
    The point of this section i suppose is to show that even tho i have lied about my age, and i have been banned. I know how servers operate, and it was a long time ago those things happened, so i know how to behave on servers. I am aware of the things that usually go on behind the scenes, i appreciate the work people put in to staff the servers. Sacrificing their own free time just to help others. I have grown a lot over the past years, and i hope that my previous defect actions will not prevent me from playing on your servers.

    I, really do not like talking about myself very much because i never really know what to say, or to include. Playing videogames is a means for me to escape myself, to escape my reality and just enjoy myself with some friends.
    I play Magic The Gathering. I watch a bunch of Twitch, Rooster Teeth.. I am unemployed due to medical reasons although i will soon be back to studying online. My favorite mod used to be Thaumcraft, but i haven't touched it in so long i can not say it is, anymore. I would have to now say Mekanism. I looooove the complexity of having to somehow make gasses, liquids, fuels in an intricate process and doing so quadrupling resource output.

    Anyways, i've rambled on. I hope to join you guys.
    Much love - AwildFairy Sometimes known as zikzix to real old friends.

  • Retired

    Hey, Zik!

    It has been awhile but not too long as you've mentioned. Nice to see you went back to your old username that I first met you with. Are you still changing them like crazy? I'm going to go ahead and accept your application and whitelist you. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask any of us!

  • I mean, i changed it JUST to start playing with you guys again so...maybe... YOU CANT PROVE THAT.

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