• i am 24 nearly 25, live in Scotland, my mate is currently on your server and is wanting me to join (Myrdaal), i haven't been banned on a minecraft server before, i an an admin on a modded server and help out on that one, i love the applied enegistics mods, thermal and draconic evolution. i play mostly xbox now since i got the one x but wanting to get back in to the modded minecraft again and since my mates on the server thought here would be a good place to start. just finish of the dead space games and loved them. i also have a drone and go out and fly that from time to time when the weather is nice

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    Thank you for the app, Pog! Nice to see Myrdaal is inviting his friends onto the server. I loved Dead Space 1 & 2. Wished the company wasn't shut down though. I will whitelist you on the server. Have fun with your mate!

  • thanks for letting me in looking forward to getting on it later today. i had played 3 first and really wanted to play first 2 but took soo long to play it

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