• Hello :)

    So let's get started this application :p

    For started, I am a 25 years old french women. Yeah, 25, harsh, a quarter of a century.... :D Damn.

    So, How did I heard about you ? Well, I know a guy who knows a guy... Jk, I just know Tolly, Io, Zero and Cynight fora long time :p

    I am VERY familiar with minecraft modded, I know a lot of stuff and I am always searching for new modpack :)
    Always been fan of skyblock but falling WAY too much so stonebound is a good compromise :p

    Favorite thing to do in the game ? Team up and farm :p

    Ah and I never been banned or kicked or muted or anything like that. Oh and I help a bit to staffed a server couple years ago (communitybuildgaming).

    My hobbies ? Damn there is too much I can't write them all ^^
    Videogames, reading, binge-watch series,.......

    So, that's pretty much about it ! :)

    Anyway, let's hope this will get me to this God's Kingdom :p

    Cya !

  • Retired

    Hey, Arya!

    Since you already know about me I'll skip past the my favorite pack and go to your hobbies. What series are you currently binge watching? I'm currently binge watching random anime shows from the early 2000's. Mostly because I can't find any games to play. I shall whitelist you on our servers!! Voice chat with us once in awhile, Arya. Hope you have fun!

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