• im 25
    found this forum by a friend who i played minecraft with on servers
    no bans in the past
    no lying about age in the past
    im from the netherlands
    im a father of 2 (3rd on the way) boy and girl, another girl coming
    i like to play with my kids an also like to play minecraft in my spare time

  • Donator

    I am not usually one to vouch for people, but i have been friends with michael for several years now. He was one of the first players to join me when i tried to run my own community, the community didn't last long, but the friends i gained from the time has been awesome. We have played packs on and off since then and i would love to see him as part of the community as he would be a good addition to it

  • Staff

    Hello Michael, welcome to Stonebound!
    Went ahead and whitelisted you, enjoy playing in our community. =)

  • thank you very much, i will be playing soon on the server, if i get stonebound up and running

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