• Name: Ali or Alicia
    Age: 33
    Country: United States, Tennessee
    How you found us: Reddit post where some were lamenting how hard it is to find good communities in minecraft anymore and someone suggested Stonebound.
    History of bans or lying about your age: Well considering I've been an adult the entire time I've played Minecraft, it would be weird if I lied about my age...so that's definitely not something I've ever done.

    I have played loyally (and ethically) on 3 or 4 Vanilla servers and a couple of modded ones, and I have only ever been banned once from a server called Super Earth. The banning was as a result of staff drama with a very immature server owner.

    Some words about me as a player: I was introduced to Minecraft by an ex back in the winter of 2010/2011 when there was only one biome and chests were still the size of a fullblock.

    I joined my first multiplayer server during Beta 1.5 or so and have been playing off and on ever since. I have been a member of some amazing communities that have fallen apart for various reasons as online communities are known to do, and it has been a long time since I've found one that I really feel like I fit in. I did join a really great Bedrock community last year, but I prefer Java edition and especially modded, so I'm looking again. I've recently tried going back to Vanilla, but that hasn't worked out either. Back to modded and back to looking for a good community!

    As a side note, I have a lot of experience in staff positions all the way from helper level to owner level. I'm not especially looking to get involved as staff at this time, but that might change at some point in the future.

    I have also dabbled a bit in modpack making. JAKSpack is mine. It had both a 1.7, 1.10 and 1.12 version over the past few years. I'm currently working on a mostly magic, building/cosmetic & very light tech pack that I would like to see released in the next few weeks.

    Some words about me as a person: Irl, I have an awesome fiance (Hayden) of over 4 years and 3 sweet poochies (Kira, Eevee & Gabby). We live in rural Tennessee in the USA. We both work fulltime and don't have any kids. Gaming is our primary entertainment. He plays a lot of Magic the Gathering and I play D&D with a group online weekly. I'm creative, techie, crafty and very into pop and nerd/geek culture. Doctor Who, Firefly, Supernatural, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones are some of my favorites.

    Some previous builds: 1, 2, 3 (There's likely some overlap between the three albums and I need to update them badly, but that's a decent idea of my building history.)

    I love to build big and while I may not be the best builder on the planet by a long shot, I certainly enjoy making aesthetically pleasing things in Minecraft.

  • Staff

    Hey Ali!

    Damn those are some nice builds :heart_eyes:

    Welcome to the community, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here :)

    Added you to the whitelist,
    See you around :)

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