• age: 16
    country: romania

    I found stonebound through /r/feedthebeast where somebody was asking for a small community of people to play with. I lie about my age sometimes to buy alcohol or cigs, but they usually outright sell it to you here.

    I started playing Minecraft back in 2014 when some friends introduced me and I've been playing on and off since. Now I only play modded cause I find vanilla way too lacking in content. I have a huge passion for automating things and sort of blending form and function together (tho I'm not always successful in that). My favorite mod is probably Thermal Expansion since it fits right into that automation slot without getting too complex. And it also looks great which is a big plus (and why I have a dislike for Ender IO, for example). TE pairs very well with things like OpenComputers or Refined Storage for automation, so you could say those are amongst my faves too. IRL my hobbies resume to coding, watching movies, listening to music (especially finding obscure bands) and reading. Mostly fiction. I also like drawing but I'm quite talentless in that regard haha.

  • Oh and I forgot to mention, I've never received a ban :)

  • Staff

    Hi there, sorry for having to wait so long!
    You've been whitelisted, hope you have a good time playing here.~

  • Thank you, looking forward to playing! I'll probably get on at the weekend.

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