• hello I am Haiden, I am 28, and i live in California, USA. i found this server through my friends LucifersNightmre, Necro6300, GenesisRythm, and Krixa4520. i have been band 2 times, as far as i can remember; once on a skyblock server for a reason I don't know and the other one was an accidental ban by a new mod who didn't know what they were doing but it was resolved. i've been playing minecraft for so long that i don't even remember when exactly i started. a mod that i really enjoy is thaumcraft, though it confuses me at times. I also really like blood magic. I love playing video games, walking my dogs, and going fishing IRL. I tend to like playing modded MC with my friends, and I usually only play with Krixa and Genesis but have found both Luci and Necro through Regrowth and they introduced me to StoneBlock which i though looked fairly interesting so here I am applying to the same server that Luci and Necro play on so that all of us can have a good time in a great community. I tend to keep mostly to myself unless i'm forced to talk by one of my friends who doesn't like to type in chat half the time.

  • Staff

    Could you please provide your exact Minecraft username, as Toro-Knight is invalid?

  • Toro_knight

  • Staff

    Thank you!
    We've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    I hope you enjoy playing with your friends.

  • thank you

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