• Age: 37
    Country Brazil
    I found you by Google, looking for a StoneBlock modpack server.
    I played minecraft since 2010, when I bought it for my son, we played together to have fun, because he lives with his mother and could not see him in a row.
    Today he is 17 years old and I got addicted to minecraft, because I like to build and discover things, and minecraft is just that, especially with Modpacks. I also look for new servers to find new friends, even if my English is bad and I like to play a little "alone" in my "works".
    Currently I have had little time to play because I have a 2 year old daughter that I love very much and I like to stay with her.
    I like to play on servers outside Brazil, because nationals are full of hackers, grieffers and too many children, with little education and respect for other players. Things that only disrupt and discourage playing around here.

  • Staff

    Hello MKellerBR,

    I've gone through your application, and I am more than happy to say that you have been whitelisted on all of our servers! Feel free to hop onto our discord if you want to hang out with us, need any help or just want to make friends. We hope to see you in game soon!


  • @tolly765 Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the community.
    I can be a little quiet when online, do not notice! :)
    my english is not very good, so I avoid unnecessary little conversations!

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