• Hi.

    I am Redwuff, a fifty-something partner in crime and fellow old bat to TheForestHermit. :) I live with my family in the intermountain west of the US, a long long way from anything that much resembles civilization. It may not be at the edge of the world, but I can see it from here.

    We found this community while searching for promising new whitelisted server groups via Google, in the hopes of being able to find a place to quietly build without being overrun by twelve year olds and idiots, and Stonebound's website looked promising.

    I've been playing Minecraft since early alpha, when it was a bag of blocks and not much more, and modded Minecraft since it was pretty much just Buildcraft and Industrialcraft - I don't really have any favorite mods, I will try anything and usually try to use a different set every new server or build. I've never been banned from anywhere that I'm aware of, for any reason, and I'm not planning on starting now. I'm not in the habit of lying about my age or anything else, although sometimes I might neglect to tell someone something, and let them make their own assumptions. :)

    I'm into reading books, playing video games (mostly strategy and sandbox), listening to music, chatting, and watch waaaay too much anime for my own good. Due to taking care of my family and health issues, my online times and frequencies can be very erratic - sometimes I may be on fifteen hours a day for four days straight, and then not be around for two weeks. When I /am/ around, I like to think I'm pretty laid back and easy to get along with. I suppose you'll have to judge that for yourself.

    I'm looking forward to being able to play in your community, and hope our applications will meet with admin approval. I hope to see you soon...


  • Retired


    Thanking for taking interest in our server. I love reading as well but I tend to read dystopians/horror/military fiction. I also watch waaaaaay too much anime for my own good :D . What type of strategy game, RTS? I love playing Planetary Annihilation: Titans. Anyways, I hereby accept your application and shall whitelist you right away. Make sure to stop by our discord!!

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