• Hi There. I'm 'TheForestHermit', I use the same handle in all the games I play.
    I'm a forty-something goat farmer living in the Puget Sound of Washington state.
    No, I've no real history of bans. Well, once, from some direwolf server because the server owner was being a bigoted douche canoe and banning people based on sexual orientation, which got him a scathing lecture from me and a ban from him. Sue me. I hate bigots.
    I only lie about my age now and then, mostly to people who ask if I was around when tv was black and white.
    I play all kinds of video games in my spare time, but I always come back to minecraft in times of stress, there is something terribly soothing about being able to utterly control your surroundings I suspect.
    I'm not much of a bother to have around, I'm quiet, I like to do things myself. I'm not much of a team player unless it's with my partner in crime and fellow old-bat Redwuff who also likes to play her some digital legos now and then.
    Looking for a quiet corner of the internet to play for awhile, hope you will consider our apps.

  • Retired


    It sucks that you were banned for such a crap reason. I would of given him a lecture as well for that if I could think up one without blanking out sadly. MC is definitely a stress reliever, I'm using it right now as one. I shall accept your application and hope to see you on the server once in awhile! If you have any questions just drop by our discord and we will answer them to the best of our knowledge!

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