• I am 30 years old - I am a very slow player but like to chat and hang out as I play. Games are and have always been fun but there is a difference when you get to the point where you can just kinda hang out with other players. Makes the experience quite a bit better. I found your post on https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeastservers. So far this has been a pretty decent place to find other players of similar play style. I am more into making something look interesting versus having the most efficient builds. Because of this this pack and my play-through will probably last a very long time.

    Hope to see you in game soon.

    IGN: Raec

  • Everything looks good. I know from personal experience this pack can take a while for everyone, so you will not be the only one. Have fun and Welcome to Stonebound.

  • Good deal, I have 2 more hours before I can jump on but looking forward in joining in along with the fun. Thank you.

  • Sounds good I have 4 or 5, see you on later :)

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