• Minecraft Username: NatureGecko
    age: 18
    Country: Thailand
    How you find us: from google.
    How you got into minecraft?: I saw one of my friend drawing Minecraft skin when I was in elementary school , or 6 years ago , I started wondering what kind of game was that? When I have gotten the answer from him, I started searching for getting Minecraft. My first world in this game was Tokay [ In thais means Gecko ] in Minecraft 1.0 , and I found that this game is very interesting for me. At first , my game was in cracked version made by MC-SKV , and so many players in my country who could not afford the account also had that. [ Actually I was to young to know which one is the real and cracked game. ] I just had bought the account three years ago then started playing my very first mod pack , sky factory 2.4 , and expanded to the other mod packs.
    Favorite things to do in game or in real life: In game are mainly building , inventing new things , or doing something that is so strange like making 2-meters escalator for someone who is very lazy to walk. In my realife , those things are playing Minecraft , mainly modded server or minigame, and doing the animation.

  • Staff

    Hey NatureGecko!

    Thanks for the application :)
    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist
    See you around,

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