• Hello! My username is northface512, but my friends call me miles. I've been playing ftb for about two years now, and i'm now looking for a private server with a serious and friendly community. I really enjoy experimenting with immersive engineering and building giant forestry farms. I want to start learning about nuclear power but baby steps for now, lol. I found this server online after looking around for a couple hours. I don't have a history of bans or being a jerk.
    Im currently 16 about to turn 17 and reside in the state of Texas, in the US.Im a sophomore in High School interested in photography as well. Aside from playing video games i ride dirtbikes (love to have an adrenaline rush) and create music. I hope i get accepted, as i'm eager to start playing with a good community of like minded individuals.

    Hope to see yall soon!

  • Staff

    Hey northface512!

    Thank you for your interest in the server :)
    Community here is one of the best if I do say so myself, so hopefully you'll find find your place here :D

    See you soon!

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