• Hi,

    Name: Niklas
    Age: 20
    Country: Germany
    Ban history: None

    I bought minecraft in the early year of 2010 and started playing modded minecraft like 2-3 years after grinding in vanilla. I've played many modpacks before but FTB Revelation is new to me and i am looking forward to discover many new things on your sever.

    The server was recommended by two good friends of mine with whom I will play on the server. I've never been on a whitelisted server and I think it's a whole new minecraft experience. The main reason I join the server is to play with new people and vanilla minecraft got quite boring again.

    Outside of minecraft I study Economic Computer Science in the first year and beside that i enjoy playing the guitar and listening to music in general. Traveling and exploring new citys is also one of my favourite activitys in my freetime.

  • Staff

    Hello RaydnX,

    After looking through your application, I am happy to say that as of this message, you have been whitelisted across all of our servers! Feel free to stop by our discord if you need any help or just want to hang out, and I hope you enjoy our servers!


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