• My age is 17 im turning 18 in two months I live in the United States, I found you guys a year ago, I want to find a nice white-list server to play minecraft on i'm tired of single player so i wanted to join this one. My favorite mod is tinkers construct, the ability to make tools with a wide variety of materials is amazing and each give different stats etc. I love working on computers in real life i recently bought a pc that im overclocking right now as i am typing. I got into minecraft 6 years ago and it was the first game I ever played on a pc. Since then I been playing minecraft off and on, and playing other games. I applied 1 year ago and got turned down wanted to reapply because of my age change.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server.
    Upon further review, it seems that there is some difference in information between what you have told us and what we have found.
    Unfortunately we will have to decline your application for this reason, I hope you understand.
    We wish you the best in finding a new server.

  • I deleted my forum account and remade it so i wasn't lying i made it last year in November,

  • I deleted my old forum account today and remade it with the same email0_1538833388898_Screenshot_1.png

  • Staff

    Hello Socx,

    First of all, my apologies for the denial before. I overlooked something and had a deeper look into it. I've had another closer look over your application and I am happy to welcome you onto our servers! As of this message, you've been whitelisted. Feel free to hop on our discord for any help or if you want to hang out, and have fun in game!


    PS: #blametolly for the first message, I can assure you that it won't happen again.

  • @tolly765 Thanks and its not a problem if someone misses something i like to show the proof thanks for the welcome and have a good day!

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