• Hi, I'm Brandon (BLOCK_BERZERK) age 31, married, have 2 kids, and I'm from the USA. I have been playing minecraft for atleast 8 years. I dont remember how I found you. I registered a long time ago and got an email you were starting a new server with a new mod pack I would like to try out(StoneBlock). Not much history of bans, just a temporary ban once for abusing a bug in modded minecraft without realizing it. My favorite Mod pack so far is Sky Factory 3, which is also the first one i've ever tried after watching a youtube series about it (ssundee). I enjoy building large castles in minecraft the most and making redstone contraptions.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server.
    We have added you to the whitelist.
    We hope you enjoy playing with our community, glad our e-mails are getting out there! :)

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