• I'm 34 and from the USA. I found you by searching for server networks hosting the Stoneblock pack. i have been temporarily baned 2 times sence i stated playing Minecraft 8 years ago. once was for 5 days for receiving duplicated items from a player in trade, they knew i didn't know they were duped so it wasn't a perm ban. The second time was for 24 hours for using a macro to water my plants with a watering can, they said it was for avoiding afk kick but i appealed because as a VIP rank i didn't have a afk kick, they then changed the reason to use of third party program or hack. it wasnt a hack just a razer DeathStalker keyboard. I only play moded minecraft and like max efficiency builds always trying to do more with less and making shops to sell or trade with other players. started with Techit lite on the technic launcher then moved to FTB packs.

  • Staff

    Hello H8Craft,

    I've looked through your application and I am happy to say that as of this message, you have been whitelisted! Feel free to stop by our discord if you need any help or just want to hang out. Sorry for the late reply, but I hope you enjoy our servers!


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